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Let's clean up our earth

Help us heal our planet, and it all starts with one small step.

Heal the World

Coconut Shell Bowls & Accessories that Save our Planet

Hand crafted Coconut Bowls & Cutlery

Enjoying the same food, while making a differnce

Breakfast Bowls

Check out our recipe list, that will leave your mouth watering.

People Love Our Products

Love their bowls! I ordered mine a few weeks back and LOVE them. Super nice quality and they make any dish look so cute and fun. Would definitely recommend them! I want to try some of their other products as well - the spoons and straws look so cute. 5/5 for sure!!

Maria Acosta

I love my coconut bowl , it has motivated me to eat more smoothie bowls 😍 . My favourite part is that it’s local , high quality, affordable and good for the environment 🌎.

Plant Based Amber

These bowls are so nice and super affordable! Michael- who runs the company- is super nice, and so helpful.

Olivia de Vos

Eco-Friendly, Handcrafted Products that are Changing the World, One Bowl at a Time!

Every single one of our handcrafted coconut bowls & accessories are made by Vietnamese coconut farmers from shells that were previously creating a significant amount of garbage in their landfills. With our help, not only do they have less waste, but they also have a new source of income and have learned a new trade.

Through our partnership with 4Ocean, each purchase you make with Turning The Tides helps remove plastic from our oceans, rivers, and coastlines via their Pound+ program. Once the plastic is removed, it’s either recycled or turned into beautiful products that everyone can enjoy.

If we all work together, we can make the earth a cleaner, better place to live. Are you ready to join our eco-friendly movement?

When you purchase a coconut shell bowl or accessory from us, you’re not only helping save the earth by reducing waste, you’re also helping farming families in Vietnam to earn a living, and strive towards building a greener planet.

Explore our infamous recipes

Start styling your coconut shell bowls...


Total Pounds of plastic pulled to date

Let's work together to save the world and clean up our oceans, coastlines, and rivers one pound at a time.   Every purchase you make helps to heal the world by directly funding the ocean cleanup movement.

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